Before the pandemic, I co-founded and co-managed a much-loved arts practice called Nice Time Arts, based in Hulme, Manchester. We were committed to two key principles; accessibility and affordability. We ran high quality & supportive arts workshops in-house, as well as on location in partnership with Trafford Libraries Trust, Manchester Art Gallery and more. Our regular groups included Zine Club, Spoonie Artists and Queer Craft Club. I wrote and delivered a successful pilot run of a CBT x Art Journaling 6-week programme, which I am currently looking to reinstate as an online offer.

I have two years of experience working in statutory inpatient mental health settings, including acute mental health wards and high security hospitals, running run arts, crafts and well-being workshops.

I’ve worked as a trained telephone and online counsellor for ChildLine, and have provided one-to-one mental health support throughout my career, both to individual young people and adults, as well as through group work. I have various CPD certificates and am currently finishing my MSc Psychology thesis (University of Liverpool, BPS accredited).

Under the moniker ‘Still Ill OK’ I currently provide advocacy, workshops, mentoring and training to vulnerable adults & young people with a general focus on well-being, education, benefits, employability and safe campaigning.


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