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The Pride Parade Goes on Without Me

Outside In presents an exhibition of artworks and poetry exploring the intersect of LGBTQIA+ and disabled activist identities in Manchester.

The exhibition will open at the People’s History Museum until Monday 8 April 2024

As well as artwork and poetry by North West Outside In artists, the exhibition is guest curated by Julian Gray and features newly commissioned artwork by Lead Artist, Dara SF Addams.  

Manchester’s Gay Village has a strong and important history as one of the most vital LGBTQIA+ spaces in the UK, yet even in its modern form it contains few accessible venues. Disabled LGBTQIA+ people are often isolated and forgotten, and this extends to Pride events as well. 

Protest and activism often require a physical presence; they can sometimes include a risk of arrest which carries with it greater difficulties for those with intersectional identities, including disability, neuro-divergence and mental health. These barriers to access can impact one’s sense of identity as an LGBTQIA+ person, particularly as an LGBTQIA+ activist. 


LGBTQIA+ x Disabled Activism: Share Your Experiences!

Ellie Ora Page is making a zine to accompany an upcoming exhibition at People’s History Museum in February 2024.

The mini-zine will include prompts for zine-making around the theme of intersecting disabled & LGBTQIA+ identities.

This anonymous form is an opportunity for you to share your experiences as activists of either of both of these communities. Your answers may inform the themes of the prompts or artwork included in the zine. I just would like to hear from as many people as possible to build a picture of how intersecting identities are experienced in the context of activism 🙂

Click here to fill in the Google form:

You can respond to any/all of the questions however you like! You can respond to any/all of the questions however you like! You can even skip to the end if you don’t want to respond to particular prompts and instead would just like to share an opinion or anecdote.

Alternative formats of the prompts can be found here:

If you have any questions or would like to submit in another way, please email


Lively Minds: The Mental Health Podcast

Led by people with lived experience, Lively Minds is a UK-based podcast about mental health challenges that go beyond the ebb and flow of the everyday.

Subscribe now wherever you get your podcasts.

Ellie Page and Will Sadler present a show that is less about how we deal with our mental health problems, and more about how we understand them in the first place.

In our first season, we will be talking with Clinical Psychologist Karen Lowinger about High Functioning Mental Health problems, therapist and fellow podcaster Stuart Ralph about one of the most misunderstood of all mental health conditions: OCD, Professor William Tov about the definition of happiness, Jake Dunn about men’s mental health groups and the responsibility of communities to look after one another’s mental wellbeing, Dolly Sen about whether ‘mental illness’ even exists and Rabbi Robyn Ashworth-Steen about how mental health intersects with spirituality and gender.

The trailer launches today, with Episodes 1 & 2 arriving on Wednesday 3 May.

For more information and for signposting to mental health services, please visit our website, and help us to make Season 2 (which we are already very excited about) over at Buy Me A Coffee.

What do you think of the first couple of episodes? Who would you like to see on Season 2? Let us know by tweeting @LivelyMindsPod

Exploring Collections: Musgrave Kinley Outsider Art Collection

(Image: Primrose Pathway by James Price. Credit: The Whitworth Art Gallery) It is with great excitement that I can announce that applications are open from now until 9am Monday 9th January to take part in Outside In’s Step Up: Exploring Collections; a wonderful 10-week course I have been developing over …

Introduction To Zine-Making @ the Nothing About Us Without Us Exhibition Launch

Inspired by new exhibition Nothing About Us Without Us (on show until 16 October 2023), join this intimate workshop to learn about zines; what they are, how to make them, and how to (mass) produce your own mini zine. We will be looking at the role zines have played historically as well as …

Hearing Voices Manchester: Relaunch Event with Film Screening & Panel Discussion

I will be speaking about my most recent research into the experiences of Hearing Voices Group Facilitators over the pandemic on a panel alongside some legendary speakers, and would love for you to come and join. The Hearing Voices Approach was brought to the UK by voice hearers and allies …

‘Our Homes’ by Saoirse Felix Addams & Ellie Ora Page – Exhibition & Zine Launch Event

Announcing: Our Homes exhibition and zine launch event! Monday 11 April between 5-9pm, at Contact and online 💫💕 I was commissioned alongside the wonderful Saoirse Felix Addams to create some new art on the theme of ‘home’ by Drawn Poorly, Short Supply and Contact MCR. There will be a hybrid …

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